Arte como deleite e inversión.

Descubra más sobre nuestra amplia gama de servicios. Disponemos d los expertos mas cualificados del sector a nivel internacional. Todas nuestras obras pertenecen a círculos muy selectos de coleccionistas privados. La mayoría de las obras están fuera de mercado. Aquí solo le mostramos una muy muy pequeña muestra. Solicítenos lo que desea y nuestros expertos darán con ella.


PICASSO Buste de Femme 

BASQUIAT   " Dried Flowers "

MONET " Val de falaise " 1885

PICASSO " Paloma " 1951

Sunny lawn in a public park 

 'Il Suonatore di liuto' (1597)


GAUGUIN " Joseph and the Wife of Potiphar "

Marc Chagall.
 âne bleu aux fleurs .

SALVADOR DALI "Spellbound"

DA VINCI " Portrait of a Young Lady with a Fur "

Jackson POLLOCK " Untitled "

 BASQUIAT "Cathode" , 1984

FONTANA rosso 6 cut , 64 T 44

Paul GAUGUIN " Bellezze a Tahiti - Sorgente sul mar "


In attached is the updated list with the artworks available to which we have access. 

Direct mandates or owners, a client is interested in a painting, I can send you more information (photos, provenance, literature, exhibition .....)

Before that, we need a serious loi with all buyer references and after acceptance of the loi by the owner, the lawyer will confirm the availability and the buyer must send a POF or BCL from lawyer to lawyer or bank to bank before confirming the display.

Only after POF control, we can quickly organize the meeting where the buyer could see the painting and all the documentation to proceed.

All prices are net owners, without commissions. The client must pay the commissions.

(Commissions will be 50% from the seller and 50% from the buyer).

I am at your disposal for any additional information.

Monetize your Works of Art

Make your works of art profitable without getting rid of them.

We have investment companies, which specifically monetize art and other illiquid assets, including hypercars, jewelry, gold bars, etc.
The investment firm.

  • Establish a relationship with the owner of private property.
  • Verify that the owner has title to the asset.
  • Participate in the appraisal of the property or carry out a pre-appraisal of the value of an asset, that is, famous works of art.

Together with a European banking partner, they will take approximately 50% of the LTV (Loan To Value) amount of the artwork and guarantee and monetize that asset.
With this cash, the investment firm will run that amount on its proprietary platform or other commercial raw materials to ensure a 5-10% return on the LTV amount year-over-year that can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.
All of this is done while the owner of the asset has it in their possession.