WHAT IS A FRANCHISE?  Enter A Business With A Future

Opportunities to buy, own and create

  1. Enter A Business With A Future
  2. The business is proven and experienced.
  3. With the franchise you acquire the key to the success of a business.
  4. Technical assistance and monitoring of the operation of the business are available at all times. And you receive initial training.
  5. Uniformity within the franchise line gives us security. The same image in the offer of products or services guarantees the peace of mind of the consumer.
  6. It provides a remarkable growth with great economy of means, due to the minimum cost of expansion.
  7. Reinforces the product / brand identity. By acquiring a franchise we will be known and recognized.
  8. Provides accurate information on market needs.
  9. Greater control of the purchase / production / sales sequence is achieved. And more favorable purchasing conditions.
  10. Ease of obtaining financial resources, when proposing as a company an idea that has already worked.










We develop your Franchise.

The main criteria that indicate that your company can become a franchise are that the brand is already recognized, that your business is original and capable of being reproduced, that it is profitable and that it has a great future ahead of it.


If you have reached this point in your business, you may be interested in developing a franchise and becoming a franchisor company. To do this you have to collect all your experience and your knowledge to contribute to your new partners. You have to be very clear about how the chain will grow, everything must be planned, and in writing.


You must have a package: a package of recommendations to offer to the franchisee, as well as a practical manual of the franchise. The franchising company must also create the profile of the franchisee to whom it wants to assign its business, set the requirements that it deems necessary, and that these are written in the contract.


The greatest responsibility of the franchising company is to ensure the viability of the company, since the one that offers the formula for success, the responsibility is in their hands